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Gill's approach is naturally inquisitive, exploration through design is at the heart of what she does.
Andrea Gill Studio doesn't rely on sales staff or cold-calling to get new business, it’s all from word-of-mouth recommendations from my happy customers.

Andrea Gill Studio is always on the look out for new projects and clients so if you’ve got an idea don’t delay. I’d love to chat it over.

AG Studio cares deeply about the quality of our work and always push for a strong conceptual foundation.
We believe personality enables content and that honesty is at the heart of character. I do a lot and I smile while I do it.

Gill has worked hard to achieve her reputation, and whether she's working for small start-ups or large corporations she applies the same levels of thought, care and attention to detail.

Gill currently lives in Atlanta and work at Razorfish. Specializes in Design, Art Direction, Branding & Interactive Design.

andrea gill

Andrea Gill is a graphic designer living and working in Atlanta, GA.
Gill's Studio is a full-service digital studio making and shaping brands that people relate to and rely on. A well-designed brand or interface is a thing of beauty — but unlike some agencies Andrea is equally focused on the aesthetic and technical aspects.

Andrea Gill Studio is 100%
person-based operation consists
of designers, motion designers and problem-solvers combining elbow grease, guts and resourcefulness to improve the quality of life for her clients and our clients’ clients alike.

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Andrea Gill’s portfolio is marked by vivid color and strong typography, and perhaps
it’s a cliché to suggest that those traits come from her multicultural background.
Gill was born in Bogota, Colombia; she’s lived in Brazil, France and the U.S.; and
she’s fl uent in three languages.
Gill has translated a double major in graphic design and painting into a job with
interactive agency Razorfi sh in Atlanta. She loves working to create a singular voice
for a brand that speaks across media, and she thrives on the challenge of creating
great user experiences. “I work in a very creative place, with great designers and
amazing creative directors,” Gill says. “We always keep each other motivated, and
we are a unit always moving forward. That’s really hard to fi nd, and I’m glad to be
part of a team.”
Although she often retreats to her painting studio for pure artistic pursuits, Gill
says she likes that her design job allows her to help companies translate great products
into meaningful brands. “I love solving creative problems. I do believe that I
am in this world to make it an aesthetically pleasing place.”